Film/ TV

              Space Stretch                                            Principal Actor: 'Captain Crash Tanga'

                                                                                 18 Episodes 

                                                                                 Writer: Episodes 11 & 12, Season 2

                                                                                 Cheshire Smile Animation / City TV

                                                                                 Director: Tim Tyler



             Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide     Writer/Director

                                                                     Karma Films/ Hulo Films / SCN




                                                                     Ray Ramayya – Film Pioneer

                                                                     Sask. Native Theatre: Circle of Voices

                                                                     Ed Minevich – The Russian Master


 Stained                                                        Extras Casting

                                                                     Angel Entertainment


 Mother Night                                                Actor

                                                                     Katja Motion Pictures

                                                                     Director: Keith Gordon


 Those Who Wait                                          Actor

                                                                     Red Watch Productions

                                                                     Director: Heather Braaten


 The  Psychedelic Pioneers                         Assistant Director/ Researcher/ Assoc. Producer:

                                                                     Karma Films/ History Channel


Cosmic Current                                            Voice Over Coach

                                                                     Writer/Director: Anand Ramayya / NFB

                                                                     Won 2004 Gemini Canada Award: Reflecting Multiculturalism


Jim Settee, The Journey Home                    Voice Over Coach/ Script Editor

                                                                     Writer/Director: Jeannie Corrigal

                                                                     Producer: Sask Film

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