Melancholy Play                                                                         The Empty Room, Toronto


It’s Raining in Barcelona   by: Pau Miro                                      National Canadian Fringe Tour                               SAB I/A Grant


Canada’s Songbird: The Music of Anne Murray                         Saskatchewan Casino Tour                                    SAB I/A Grant                                         


Caberlesque! A Cheeky Romp  by: Jeff Pufahl                          National Canadian Fringe Tour 2006,07,09


Royal University Hospital Foundation 25th Anniversary Gala    Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon


Saskatoon Fringe Festival 2009

Backstage Stage Persephone Venue                                         Hosting: TJ Dawe, Sharon Nowlan, Elison Zasko,

                                                                                                          Greg Landucci, Barry Smith, Jodi Sadowsky


Marg Szkaluba (Pissy’s Wife)       by: Ron Chambers               Globe Theatre Sandbox Series                              SAB Project Grant



Prairie Salt    by: Jeffrey Pufahl & Andrew Auerbach                 National Canadian Fringe Tour                              SAB I/A Grant

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