Melancholy Play

by Sarah Ruhl

The Empty Room, Toronto, 2015

in The Collective Space

Costume/Set Design: Karyn McCallum

Lighting Design: Michael Kangas

Music: Michael Roth

Stage Manager: Tamara Vukovic

ASM: Melissa Arsenault


Tilly: Eva Barrie

Lorenzo: Patric Masurkevitch

Francis: Rose Napoli

Joan: Suzanne Roberts-Smith

Frank: Courtenay Stevens

Cello: Cory Latkovitch


Photos: Greg Wong


"But you need more than a gorgeous look to make a play like this work. And directorJeffrey Pufahl is expert in setting the right tone for a comedy so dependent on style, pacing, punctuation, and detail. He’s also has a brilliant eye for casting." -- Burke Campbell




Dead Man's Cell Phone

by Sarah Ruhl

Persephone Theatre 2012

Set and Lighting Design: Patrick Du Wors

Costume Design: Beverley Kobelsky

Sound Design: Gilles Zolty

Stage Manager: Laura Kennedy


Gordon/Dwight: Leon Willey

Jean: Kristina Hughes

Mrs. Gottleib: Sharon Bakker

Hermia/Carlotta: Natalie Feheregyhazi


"All would agree that Persephone Theatre's production, under Jeffrey Pufahl's direction, is first-rate. Events occur on Patrick Du Wors's suitably claustrophobic set of odd angles featuring a lovely little stationery store where you wouldn't expect it." 


- Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star Phoenix


photo credit: Liam Richards




by Sarah Ruhl

Phoenix Theatre 2012

Set/ Costume Design by: Mary Kerr

Lighting Design: Bryan Kenney


Pufahl obviously had a clear vision of how this play ought to be performed and followed through without compromise. All the individual aspects of production work together and contribute to a uniform and inspired overall tone... Pufahl takes chances with everything from the stage design to the choice of script and it pays off. The production is flawless. It looks, sounds, and feels as good as we have any right to expect live theatre to be.” 


~ The Marble, Victoria



The Fairy Queen

Canada's Songbird

Jasper Station

The Volstead Blues




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